G -Industrial founded Alliuz consortium with the intention of providing to all of its clients the highest quality in personalized service and attention at all times, as well as attending all the implications related to real estate, legal, accounting, marketing and internal management matters.

As well, Alliuz has experience in real estate transactions in the largest and most active industrial markets in Mexico, also positioning itself in the United States.


Offer excellent real estate and construction services through a trained team, which is distinguished by its high quality customer service, experience in the area and high capacity of its collaborators, all added up to provide a leading quality in our services.


Position Alliuz as a leading company in the development of investment, construction and commercialization projects, constantly looking for business opportunities, in which both the advisor and the client improve the quality of business life and help promote professional development.


Daniel García Suárez is CEO of the G Industrial consortium. Dedicated to the real estate market for the industry, it maintains an important presence in the most developed cities in Mexico, and is preparing to grow in the United States from Dallas County.